The first days of 2011

So it is a new year.  Time will tell what 2011 has in store for the real estate market.  I think it is bound to be good.  I’m not into numerology, but with the year starting as 1/1/11 good things must be in store.  Right?  RIGHT!!!????   Meanwhile, leasing activity continues and there are a few sale transactions in the works.  A few recent transactions:

The Achievement House leased 70 Prado Road for their electronics recycling program.  If you have any old electronics sitting around the house and are looking to get rid of them, this is the place to go.  Basically, anything with a plug is acceptable.  Here is the building, located between Prado and the freeway:

70 Prado road is the new site of the Achievement House e-waste recycling center.

Another recent lease just up the road is Supplement Direct.  They took over the space that Mission Community Bank used to occupy at 3480 South Higuera.  Here is the building:

The new site of Supplement Direct at 3480 South Higuera

We still have a vacancy in this center at 3440-3480 South Higuera.  The sites where Glow lighting and Design Collaborative were located (Suites 110 and 120) are vacant and for lease.  There are two contiguous spaces of 930 and 950 sq. ft.  Lease either or both.  The spaces have a great modern, industral feel with exposed ducting.  Exposure on Higuera is great and the price is right at $1.50/sq. ft. GROSS.  Here are the storefronts:

3440 South Higuera Suite 110 and 120. Currently Available.

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