New fitness studio on South Higuera

I just wrapped up a lease last week for a 950 sq. ft. space at 3440 South Higuera, Suite 120.  The space was featured in this blog a month or so ago.  There is still one 950 sq. ft. space available next door at suite 110.

Suite 120 was leased by Sabrina Hansen.  She is opening a fitness studio called Dash, which will offer spin, pilates, and personal training.  I really enjoyed getting to know Sabrina and I am confident that she will be very successful in her new location.  

The suite she leased is a very cool space.  It has Higuera Street frontage yet there is a creek that runs right behind the building.  The space has a nice industrial look, with hard ducting and stained concrete floors.  And best of all, the Neon Carrot is just a short walk away.  If you have not been to the Neon Carrot I recommend a visit.  It is the new restaurant operated by Jeff and Maegen Loring, who used to operate The Park restaurant in Railroad Square.  The Neon Carrot is located at 3536 South Higuera next to Golfland Warehouse.

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