New Office/Retail Listing in the Crossroads Center at Broad and Orcutt

IMG_0059We are listing a 1,960 sq. ft. office space in the Crossroads Center at the corner of Broad and Orcutt. The floor plan is very efficient. It has three private offices, a kitchenette, a private restroom, a large conference room, a reception area, and an open bullpen. Asking price is $1.25/sq. ft. NNN

The Crossroads is often maligned as having insufficient parking. In truth, it has abundant parking at all hours except the lunch hour, when people descend upon the center to eat at the three fantastic on site restaurants (Cool Cat Cafe, Nucci’s, and Le Ciel Crepe Cafe.). Ironically, the cause of the noon parking crunch is what also makes Crossroads so great. There is really no reason to leave. In addition to the restaurants, there is an on-site convenience store to meet your needs.

The Crossroads was the first mixed-use center built in San Luis Obispo and it has worked well as one. It was constructed in 1990, a fact I am well aware of since I worked on-site as a construction grunt as it was being built. It was my first job out of high school and my first day on the job was the morning immediately following graduation. I showed up at 7:05 with a splitting headache and was summarily chewed out by the construction foreman for being 5 minutes late. It was a harsh welcome to the real world.

In 1993, after taking a hiatus from college to save money so I could bicycle through South America, I found myself back at the Crossroads as a janitor. The money was actually quite good and had it not been for that job I likely would not have been able to save enough to get to South America.

And today, 23 years later, the Crossroads Center and I are still joined at the hip. I am glad to have moved on from the construction grunt and janitor phases.

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