Railroad Square= arguably the coolest offices in town

I went to a smashing open house last week at Railroad Square (1880 Santa Barbara Street) for the grand unveiling of the new offices for Studio Good and iii Design. I was the leasing agent for the tenants, so it was quite the lovely culmination of events to see the finished product after a very lengthy process of lease negotiations, planning, and buildout. I won’t spend too much time blabbing on, but I have to say that the offices are just fantastic. There is approximately 7,600 sq. ft. on two floors and the floors are drastically different. The first floor has soaring ceilings and houses Kompolt on one side, which is the charity auction arm of Studio Good. They do a lot of shipping, so there is a huge work counter, a frosted glass roll-up door, and some really nice shelving. The space is dreamy for he/she who ships/receives.
iii couches

The iii Design space is separated from Kompolt by a huge Farmhouse style barn door on rollers and the office oozes creativity. Concrete floors, black scrim ceilings, bold orange accent walls and loveseats, concrete walls, an entire wall covered in cork with various posters, ikea workstations made original by raw 2×12 panels thrown into the design, and a bike rack (with bikes in it) right smack dab in the heart of the room. For the record, I saw the iii Design offices when they were in an everyman t-bar ceiling/white sheetrock office space out by the airport and they made it look super cool within the confines of those generic constraints, so I was not surprised that, when given the opportunity to take a very cool industrialesque space and turn it into their own, they nailed it. It is no small feat. Spaces with 16 foot ceilings and concrete floors can end up being a bit, um, cold, but the iii space is groovy.

iii design exterior

iii lobby 2

iii overview

iii cork

As for Studio Good space upstairs, it is super stylish with whimsical accents. Joey Leslie’s office has the mid-century modern couch of my dreams, and a gorgeous credenza made by local furniture manufacturer Jory Brigham. The yellow accents in the credenza tie in perfectly with the steel building frame, which was painted yellow to match. A subdued gray throughout (floors, walls) is contrasted by splashes of color on pocket door frames and red planter boxes. The kitchen is by far the most badass office kitchen this side of the San Andreas. And shall I mention the Thomas Heatherwick Spun Chair? Well they have two. And a couple swings as well. I should have brought my 5 year old to the open house.
studio good sign

studio good lobby
studio good hallway
joey office
studio good kitchen
studio good chairs
spun chairs

When this space was being planned, the building had not yet been constructed, so everything was being done from a very conceptual standpoint. Therefore I must give an immense amount of credit to everyone involved in the design and construction. They did an amazing job of bringing a vision to fruition.
exterior mouth2

exterior mouth

Lastly, the building itself is magnificent. George Garcia did a really fantastic job of marrying up the existing brick railroad square building with modern architecture. The entire Railroad Square complex inside and out is a testament to truly beautiful design. Whether it be the Yoga Center, Meze cafe, Cygnet software, or the offices of which we speak, each space is truly unique and full of character. Railroad Square is a breath of fresh air in a world of bland office spaces. Bravo!!

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